Localism: Manifesto For a Twenty-First Century England – Book


This ideological manifesto summarises the philosophical tenets of Localism specifically in the context of England today, and discusses how the implementation of these ideological principles could improve our modern society. Written and published by Local Matters, Localism: Manifesto For a Twenty-First Century England crosses false dichotomies to present a collection of ideas from across the political spectrum, offering a vision of a regenerated England which finds its strength in an organic foundation formed of its local communities and diverse regions.

All proceeds will be used solely for the furthering of Localist ideas in England.

This book is printed in England using recycled paper.

116 pages.


  • Preface
  • Defining Localism
  • Part One: Localist Positions
    • For Regional Autonomy; Against Centralisation and Globalisation
    • For Democracy; Against Bureaucracy and Unaccountability
    • For Environmentalism; Against Growth Mania
    • For Humanism; Against Consumerism
    • For Localist Economics; Against Capitalism and Socialism
    • For Economic Cooperation; Against Corporate Domination
    • For English Business; Against Market Globalisation
    • For Self-Determination; Against Americanisation
    • For Cohesive Communities; Against Overpopulation
    • For the Right to Difference; Against Homogenisation and Individualism
    • For Strong Identities; Against Global Homogeneity
  • Part Two: Localist Ideals
    • Democracy
    • Environmentalism
    • Regionalism
    • British Confederation
    • Cultural Renaissance
    • Freedom of Expression
    • Family
    • Welfare
    • Nationalisation
    • National Supply and Demand
    • International Relations
    • Defence
    • Adaptability
    • Localism Abroad
  • Summary
  • Achieving Localism
  • Notes and References
  • Index



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