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It was recently announced that up to three million Hong Kong residents will be offered British citizenship after increased crackdowns by the CCP and a breach of the Sino-British declaration from 1997 when Hong Kong’s sovereignty was supposedly returned.

Before talking about the effect this decision will have, I think it’s first worth putting the situation into a more tangible metric.

3 million people are equivalent to the combined populations of:

  • The City of Leeds
  • The City of Cardiff
  • The City of Liverpool
  • The City of Edinburgh
  • The City of Birmingham
  • And an additional 9951 people for good luck.

This number of people is absolutely astronomical- and the impact this would have on our infrastructure is equally so. We are a country that is already struggling with urbanisation, overpopulation and the destruction of our green spaces – where are we supposed to house all of these people?

At least 320,000 people are known to be homeless per some of our most recent studies, and while 87 % of UK adults and 91% of aspiring first-time buyers already say their ability to get onto the housing ladder is a serious problem.

This isn’t to mention the strain this will put on public services.

Of course, not every single one of the three million people given citizenship will move to the UK – but if even 10% of these people took the UK up on their offer, you’ll still see a massive effect.

This not only turns the people of Hong Kong into a political and economic chess piece – or a battleground for the British & Chinese Governments – but also shows an utter disregard for the wellbeing of the native English peoples whose lives will be impacted by this decision.

The people of Hong Kong are being trampled by the CCP, and it’s infeasible that we could host all or even many of them here in the UK. However, this isn’t limited to only the oppression of the people of Hong Kong.

The CCP’s little mentioned Holocaust-like treatment of Uighur Muslims and native Tibetans is a massive humanitarian atrocity and barely known by the general public of the west. Additionally, the massive stranglehold the CCP is starting to form over Western politics & economics through their negligence of human rights and standards to undercut and outproduce the west through their massive industry isn’t to be ignored; this of course benefiting complacent governments and corporations.

The only solution is a full international embargo needs to be placed on the CCP until they end their occupation of Hong-Kong to allow them to form a fully autonomous state, free the peoples of Tibet & Uighur, and reform their trading standards to a point suicide nets aren’t mandatory in the construction of their factories.

The money flowing into the Chinese government’s pockets not only perpetuates their overseas influence but grows and inflates the demand for their cruel labour practices. We cannot expect the CCP to reform from the kindness of their hearts, while simultaneously funding their industries and by extension the CCP themselves. 

Every moment we continue to appease the CCP we contribute to the oppression of these peoples and the negligence of our own.