Author: Francis Hart

Depression: A Political Issue

Depression: A Political Issue In England, 17% of the population is currently prescribed anti-depressants (NHS website, 2019) and suicide was found in 2018 to be the single biggest killer of males under the age of 45 (Mackay, 2018). But while we generally consider depression and mental illness to be an unavoidable phenomenon, an unbalancing of […]

On Regionalism

On Regionalism Westminster politicians are never asked how they are capable of representing a country of 66,000,000 people. This is because they are not. No one is. A Cornish seafarer lives a different existence compared to that of an office administrator in Sunderland. A centralised government in Westminster can speak for neither. As Aristotle said, […]

An Alternative Democracy

An Alternative Democracy The primary goal of any elected government is to be re-elected. This gives them a time window of 5 years, preventing the emergence of radical ideas and grand projects in favour of selling cheap policies to the electorate and maintaining the status quo. This has urged the rule of individualism in which […]

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