Smaller Scale Democracies Help to Overcome Colonial Mistakes

Smaller Scale Democracies Help to Overcome Colonial Mistakes Large nation states are not the only political systems in which war, economic mismanagement, social ills, poverty and aggression take place. Smaller states have also been subject to these issues. To understand the causes of these issues in smaller states, it is important to know the causes, […]

2020: Year In Review

2020: Year In Review As 2020 comes to a close, the Local Matters team joins millions of others in looking back at the past twelve months. For us, this was the year that we built our foundation.  In January of this year, Local Matters was nothing but an idea. Since then, we have planted our […]

Christmas Anti Child Labour Banner

Christmas Anti Child Labour Banner At a time when over a million small businesses are at risk of collapsing due to Coronavirus restrictions, activists of the Local Matters organisation performed a stunt at the busy Trafford Centre Primark in Manchester calling on the public to support local businesses, as well as to protest the inhumane […]

Why Bother? An Analysis Of Activism

Why Bother? An Analysis Of Activism Simply put, one could define an activist as a person who campaigns to bring about political or social change. This description lacks depth and overlooks vital aspects, benefits and consequences of this lifestyle – and activism certainly is a lifestyle choice, and not just a hobby. With this broad […]

Localism and Technology

Localism and Technology I come from a background of technology, as does almost any person in England who grew up in the twenty-first century. I still remember when I was first given the family computer, or when I got my first laptop. I cherish the memories of getting my first gaming PC, or when I […]

Fashionable Politics

Fashionable Politics Perhaps one of the most concerning characteristics of today’s mega corporations, and a great contributor to their strength, is their political flexibility. Of course, some companies may be inherently political; such as Local Matters, who exist solely to project and increase the popularity of their political principles, or Eco Straws, who exclusively sell […]

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