Localism will Save the Union

Localism will Save the Union Following the Scottish Parliament election in May of this year, the question of independence has once again come to the forefront of Scottish politics. Beyond the borders of Scotland and occasionally within them, Scottish independence is often framed as a conflict of identity; of the Scottish existing in opposition to […]

The Crisis of Modern Democracy and the Developing Fusion of Private Enterprise and State

Introduction As we have discussed previously [1], private enterprises like Twitter, Google and Apple are progressively becoming more and more powerful in our society, and I would recommend reading my previous article first before this one. With that being said, it isn’t required reading, and for the sake of brevity, I will quickly sum up […]

What are these boots for anyway?

What are these boots for anyway? Yes, I’m referencing Nancy Sinatra, what can I say? Despite my abhorrence for pop music, one has to admit, in its ubiquity, it permeates into our lives like the putrid stench of something rotten and frequently forgotten. But that’s just a matter of preference. Perhaps, just like the durian […]

On Distributism

On Distributism A dichotomy has been created some time ago where one’s political philosophy either aligns with capitalist or the socialist economic principles. There has certainly been a middle ground but it has not been discussed frequently. If you were to check any mainstream media outlet, or even go through university reading only from the […]

The Obesity Crisis is Getting Worse

The Obesity Crisis is Getting Worse Obesity has been growing in prevalence for years, we all know this by now. We are regularly fed headlines and articles just like this one, but there is a reason for that. The University of Glasgow published a study last month that showed obesity-related deaths overtook tobacco-related deaths in […]

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