Localist and Christian: Progressivism from this Christian’s perspective

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Progressive Localism and a local progressivism

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Concrete jungles, the administrative straightjacket, and escaping it

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Who are Local Matters?

Local Matters is a collective of English citizens with one goal: to spread Localism throughout England. Activists and volunteers find themselves in every corner of our nation encouraging the public to support local businesses, rediscover our regional identities and offer them hope with ideas of a new kind of bottom-up democracy which returns power back directly into the hands of the people.

Our team of researchers, writers and artists support these efforts in the foundation of a strong counter-cultural force, revitalising the energy of the English people around a rekindled community spirit, sense of identity and bringing new ideas beyond the paradigm of left and right.

What is Localism?

Localism is a twenty-first century political solution for England, which places the local community as the primary and most important political and economic entity. For too long, politics has been centralised in the halls of Westminster and in the hands of career politicians, loyal only to the party whip and their financial backers. By devolving power back to the hands of local communities, the value and power of your vote can be restored and we can once more steer our nation in a positive direction.

Some of the key features of Localism are:

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If you’re eager to learn more about Localism you should should absolutely take the time to read our short manifesto which you can find linked below which outlines the full breadth of Localism. You can find further reading in both our reccomemded reading list as well as in the diverse collection of articles written by our Localist writers.

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Localism: Manifesto For A Twenty-First Century England

An ideological manifesto published in on the 1st of February 2020, which summarises the philosophical tenets of Localism specifically in the context of England today and discusses how the implementation of these ideological principles could improve our modern society.

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